This is a past event
Meet the Animals

Until Mon 31 Aug

In the past the Suntrap team and animals have enjoyed being part of the Walthamstow Garden Party.  In the spirit of the festival we’ve put together four projects about some of our favourite Suntrap animals; the fire salamander, Cynitha the corn snake, giant millipede and Sasha the Russian tortoise.

For each animal there is a video, a fact sheet, a craft or art activity and a test your knowledge quiz. These can all been found on our page Meet the Animals (please right click to open as a new tab)

Although we’re not able to offer a hands-on session our aim is still to encourage a love, respect and understanding for these unique living things and their habitats. We encourage responsible pet ownership by discussing the care needs of our animals and share the special qualities and important role of our ‘less lovable’ species. 

Meet the Animals with Suntrap Forest Centre is part of Artillery presents Same Sky