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Seeds of Change

Until Mon 31 Aug

We all live under the Same Sky.
Everyone under this Same Sky can dream and imagine. 
Every seed blowing on the breeze has potential to grow.

In the parks and green spaces around Waltham Forest are hundreds of grand trees and millions of seeds to be found. Learn to identify the different types of spinning helicopter seeds on trees growing locally with this stunning resource. Use the template and films to experiment with playful paper helicopter seed spinners indoors and out. You can decorate it with your hope or dream to create a Seed of Change. Compare your creations with the seeds you find in a park near you. Do they spin, glide or float?

Find all the instructions and video links on the PDF here (please right click to select to open in a new tab)

Everyone is invited to contemplate what they hope and imagine will change in the next year and make their own Seed of Change for the Walthamstow Garden Party - In the Air.

We would love to know what hopes and visions of change people in Waltham Forest have. To share your Seeds of Change please tweet or instagram @poppy_flint and use the hashtag #WGPInTheAir

Learn more about Poppy Flint. Seeds of Change is produced for Artillery presents Same Sky