This is a past event

Until Mon 31 Aug

Create your own squawking bird puppet with unique plumage and character out of coloured card and decorative scraps you have at home.  

The Squawk film takes you through each step of making this playful bird puppet with a moving mouth. Once your bird is finished you can fly with it, name it, give it a character and personality, and of course, invent its own cheeky squawk or tuneful tweet. 

The 4pm Fly By
On Sunday 19 July at 4pm you're invited to take your bird for an In The Air Fly By. 
Dance and fly with your bird at home, squawk out of the window, take your bird for a fly down your road or through the park. Will you see any of your friends, family, and neighbours on the wing too?
Be sure to take photos of your birds during the Fly By and post them to #WGPInTheAir or upload your images on the WGP In the Air dropbox

Happy squawking!

This event has been produced by Del Taylor