Drum Works

Drum Works began in 2007, co-founded by London-based musicians Ross McDouall and Jo Wills. The programme was developed to inspire creativity, build social cohesion and empower young people to direct their own futures all through using drumming as a tool. Around 600 people take part every week through five partner schools in east London, two community programmes in Waltham Forest and Barking & Dagenham, and three progression ensembles. All musical material is written collectively by participants and has a fresh, original sound distinctive to our east London community. Through collaborative music-making we develop participants’ confidence, break down social barriers and build a supportive community where everyone can thrive.

Drum Works are proud Barbican Artistic Associates and continue to work closely with the Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning programme.

What is the best creative 'hack' you have discovered during lockdown?
Balling socks up and attaching them to wooden spoons with elastic bands - they make excellent drum beaters!

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